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S1E1 - Assistive Technology & Special Ed. Law - Part 1

Introduction and Overview of IDEA

April 2, 2020

Assistive Technology & Special Ed. Law Pt. 1

Recording Date: 2008


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Keywords: Special Education, IDEA, PILCOP, Assistive Technology, compensatory education, FABE, AT and Schools, AT and education, Judy Gran

Episode Summary: We kick off the Adaptations for Living Podcast with an archived 7 part series from 2008. Judy Gran, of PILCOP - Public Interest Law Center of Pennsylvania - shared with students from Arcadia University how IDEA regulations impacted the use of assistive technology in our schools. Although the recording was from some time ago, thees regulations are largely still in effect. We hope you find this information useful. Stay tuned for future episodes.


  • Introduction [0:23]
  • IDEA Regulations [2:03]

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